Terraqua - Land Investment

Land Brokerage Services

  • Note: In 2015 Terraqua/John Watson changed over its brokerage licenses to Fay Ranches.
  • Transaction execution including acquisition or disposition of significant real estate holdings. Integrate necessary best-of-class service providers for the mission critical disciplines needed to produce the optimal outcome.
  • Tailored and often confidential, under-the radar, targeted, private marketing of unique, important and often complex landholdings having a limited buyer pool and risk overexposure and stigmatization with a conventional retail marketing approach.
  • Retail marketing and marketing management—In the case of properties warranting broad and national property exposure, tailor and execute a detailed property specific marketing plan in accordance with an advance agreed upon marketing budget. In appropriate cases draw from key regional and national players to form the best brokerage/marketing venue possible.
  • Private sealed bid/invitation planning and issuance for properties where this venue is appropriate
  • Pre marketing due diligence—for all of our marketing assignments we do all of our groundwork up front, creating a clear understanding of components of value with all questions answered in advance
  • Land Scouting
  • Confidential assemblage of additional properties.
  • Land investment services are provided nationwide and not limited geographically