Terraqua - Land Investment

Land Advisory Services

  • Vet your existing and prospective real estate hedge fund, partnership and direct land investments with independent document review and verification, property inspection, analysis and recommendations.
  • Assemble and integrate the best-of-class real estate service providers to lead a multi-discipline land asset transaction or advisory team to accomplish your objectives.
  • Terraqua can work well with the existing team you have in place, integrating with your attorney, in-house staff, estate planning team or professionals.
  • Explore and coordinate landowner conservation finance options and market-based incentives including conservation easements, wetland and species mitigation/conservation banking.
  • Conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis relevant to your unique land holding or target acquisition. Terraqua’s approach employs land investment fundamentals, independent thinking and foresight.
  • Provide advice to identify and maximize the suite of embedded values of a current or prospective landholding for highest and best land asset utilization.
  • Secure zoning, permits and other land entitlements.
  • Provide clarity to navigate and solve complex land issues and challenges.
  • Perform short form phase one property overviews, including site visits, property valuation assessment and land use review.
  • Do all that we can do to contribute to the success and peace of mind of our clients