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Ranchland, Farmland and Timberland Management For Biodiversity will also Boost and Diversify Revenues for the Long Haul

Following is an excellent article, The Practical Side of Biodiversity, by David Pratt, ranch management consultant, that does a good job of explaining in a ranching context how economics and management for biodiversity are interconnected.  For the economics of the ranch operation to be maximized for the long haul the property must be managed  in a  Read more…

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Investment-Quality Farmland: Argentina Pampas region ranks with U.S. Midwest on Short List of World’s Most Fertile Soils

There are twelve types of soil taxonomy in the world. Of the twelve, the most naturally fertile soils are mollisols, which are predominantly found in only four places on Earth: in the U.S., the Pampas region of Argentina, the steppes of Ukraine and Russia, and in areas of Northeast China. Global distribution of mollisols is  Read more…

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Soil – Far More Valuable Than Oil

Following is an Op-Ed from the New York Times was published in 2009, but worthy of repeat. The article was co-authored by Wes Jackson and Wendell Berry, two of the leading of land-use innovators of our time. Wes Jackson is a plant geneticist and president of The Land Institute in Salina, Kansas, which supports world  Read more…

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