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Conservatives: It’s safe to support renewable energy

Adam Aton, E&E News reporter Published: Friday, October 6, 2017 Republican activists and lawmakers gathered yesterday just off Capitol Hill to talk about folding low-emissions energy policy into the conservative playbook.The Conservative Clean Energy Summit, organized by the Christian Coalition, framed renewable energy policy in terms of how it can advance the right’s fundamental priorities.  Read more…

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Larimer County Acquires Farm with Water Rights


The Historic Malchow Farm was purchased for its water. The property, infrastructure and minerals were purchased along with the valuable water rights, including 240 units of Colorado-Big Thompson, or C-BT, water, 16 shares of Handy Ditch native water rights and 20 shares in Dry Creek Lateral Ditch. http://larimer.org/news/newsDetail.cfm?id=4318 Larimer County Acquires Farm Southwest of Berthoud  Read more…

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Farmland and Timberland – Comparison of these two Asset Classes

Van Gogh Landscape

Farmland and Timberland – Comparison of these two Asset Classes  Timberland and Farmland possess certain similarities as an asset class, but that there are many differences.  jw Asset Class Battle: Timberland Vs. Farmland Source: Seeking Alpha by Jussi Askola Jul. 19, 2016 3:03 PM ET Summary Timberland and farmland have both achieved historically very attractive  Read more…

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Iowa Forestland: 97,000 acres Lost to Cropland, Pasture Conversion over 5 Years


Most of woodland loss was from selloff of timber and conversation to cropland and pasture. The five year period with dramatic forest conversion was 2009-2013 which coincides with the run up in commodity prices Cites a local broker:  “High-demand woodland for hunting maybe goes for about $2,000” an acre, Tauke said. “If you had some acres and were  Read more…

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The Wealthy Quietly Invest in Westcliffe, Colorado Ranchland – Where It’s Hard to tell the 1% from the other 99%

WESTCLIFFE, CO - JULY 13: A general view of downtown Westcliffe, CO on July 13, 2016. Custer County ranked fifth for its income gap out of 3,064 U.S. counties examined by the Keystone Research Center in Harrisburg, Pa. (Photo by Michael Reaves/The Denver Post)

Good article from today’s Denver Post that mentions Westcliffe, Colorado and low key wealthy who invest, recreate and live here The surprising peaks and valleys in Colorado income inequality Colorado is a relatively egalitarian place, especially when compared with states such as New York, Connecticut or even Wyoming. But it contains some surprisingly high peaks and  Read more…

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Direct Land Investment by Foreigners in Argentina is becoming Possible Again under New Government

Campo Laguna Blanca 2

In 2011 the Argentina Kirchner-led government imposed the rural land law which imposed broad restrictions on the purchase and lease of rural lands by foreign entities and individuals. Enacted late last month by the new Argentina government led by Mauricio Macri is a New Decree that repeals many of the barriers that had been established  Read more…

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Canada Values and Protects its Farmland and Rural Communities

_8006360 (Luis Franke)

In Manitoba  foreign interests are limited to 40 acres in ‘farm land’ (i.e. land outside of a city, capable of being used for farming) in order to maintain opportunities for Canadians to acquire farm land for agricultural purposes and to support the development of strong rural communities. You can read more here about the foreign  Read more…

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Cattle size and Profitability – Bigger isn’t always Better!


Thanks to Ross Mcdonald of the 98 Ranch up in Saskatchewan for sharing. It’s a posting from the Cow-Cow Calf blog about cattle size Cattle Size and How It Affects Profitability. Larger weaning rates became the trend driven by “bigger is better” – larger weaning rates mean you sell your calves (by the pound) for more. But  Read more…

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Trophy Ranches – The Case for Private Marketing


High Value Land Sales – The Case for Private Marketing There are many methods available for the marketing and sale of specialized high value land-based assets in addition to traditional real estate listing arrangements and auction formats.  There are advantages, disadvantages and tradeoffs associated with every marketing approach; and the best strategy for the marketing  Read more…

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Bill Introduced to make Conservation Easement Tax Incentives Permanent

John Watson/Fay Ranches.  Introduced yesterday, the Conservation Easement Incentive Act is a Congressional bill that would make the Conservation Easement tax incentive permanent.   By way of background, for the fourth time in recent history, enhanced tax incentives for conservation easements have expired making it very difficult to incentivize land owners to conserve their conservation and  Read more…

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