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“Hanna” U.S. Western Ranching Documentary to Debut May 16 in NYC and LA

“Hanna Ranch: One Cowboy’s Fight for Family and Land” is scheduled to air May 16 in New York City and Los Angeles, and be distributed in digital formats the following week. The documentary is about rancher Kirk Hanna, in his mission to protect range land in Colorado from development and unsustainable range management. He was  Read more…

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EPA Proposes Clean Water Act Rule that Expands Waters EPA Regulates

Last week the EPA announced a newly proposed “Waters of the U.S.” rule that expands the waters under the EPA’s jurisdiction under the Clean Water Act.  There were U.S. Supreme Court rulings in 2001 and 2006 which defined waters EPA could regulate. The court in these rulings determined the EPA needs to establish a connection  Read more…

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High Value and Specialized Land Assets – The Case for Private Marketing

There are some real estate assets that can best be marketed privately. An example would be a specialty trophy ranch, plantation offering, signature estate or other legacy property with a limited and distinct buyer pool. In this case a seller could well be advised to protect him/herself from over-exposure by using a careful, private marketing  Read more…

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The Flowchart to Building Your Perfect Fence

This informative flowchart is from Modern Farmer, http://modernfarmer.com/2014/04/kind-fence-need/ which is a good read for anyone interested in progressive  land management practices.   The right fence is the one that meets your objectives, but also doesn’t  impede natural migration of native wildlife.  For conservation lands the objective might be “no fences” or removing fencing completely.

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Forced Pooling Laws Can Compel Landowners to Accept Oil and Gas Drilling

Oil and gas drillers find it ideal when multiple properties can be combined into one large pooled unit of acreage.  Pooling results in the greatest extraction of resources from the least number of rigs, helping boost drive domestic driller’s revenues while minimizing costs.   In the key oil and gas drilling U.S. states, landowners who  Read more…

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