Terraqua - Land Investment

erraqua’s core business is providing brokerage services and advisory services in the land investment space. Our client base includes high net worth private landowners and investors, their fiduciaries and attorneys. We also handle projects for land resource-based alternative asset hedge funds, and serve clients in the natural resource, energy and environmental sectors.

Terraqua draws from transactional and project experience across land asset categories including ranchland and sporting ranches, timberland and plantations; waterfront, coastal, river and wetland holdings; conservation properties and wildlands, environmental assets, agricultural property and developable land.

Terraqua has access to regional and national industry leaders, strategic partners and proprietary deal knowledge, which is aligned to produce optimal solutions, outcomes, and distinct deal flow.

Note: In 2015 Terraqua/John Watson changed over its brokerage licenses to Fay Ranches.